Why Us

Superior Quality
is Maintained

Shish has built long-lasting connections with its customers and partners by committing to providing the highest quality products at reasonable costs. Shish has distinguished itself in a number of ways, from the highest quality jewelry to the greatest metal and gemstone designs.

A Broad Range of Products

Shish works with a variety of metals, including gold, silver, and brass, as well as other base metals such as zinc. Shish is able to serve a wide range of customers from all over the world because of its large manufacturing facility and diverse verticals. Their collaboration with well-known designers, merchants, and wholesalers allows them to provide high-quality and unique jewelry. Shish has it all, from ready-to-wear original designs to bespoke jewelry.

On-Time &
Dependable Delivery

Shish has the ability and resources to fulfill even the largest jewelry orders. Their dedication to quality is mirrored in their order delivery timeliness. This is one of the main features that distinguishes Shish from the competition. Furthermore, the Company rigorously follows import and export rules in various destinations.


Shish’s professionals stay up to date on the latest technology and novel machines that are developed in the jewelry-making sector. They cover 2D Corel and 3D CAD/ Cam Design, Laser Cutting, Soldering and Setting, Fire Assaying, and more, all with a digitalized design and comprehensive in-house manufacturing process. # Production House -I: Mid-range to high-quality products for the domestic and international markets. Customized and global jewelry design manufacturing. # SEZ Production House: High-quality fashion jewelry catering to the global market.

Value for Money

Shish is self-sufficient in terms of designing and manufacturing its own jewelry components thanks to its integrated production facilities. Shish provides the finest value for money to its consumers because of the company’s strategic placement in the heart of India’s gemstone sector. Shish also has a recognized source for the best material at competitive rates, as it has suppliers from all over the world.