Iced Out Chains – Hip Chain

Hip Hop Chains:

One of the most common street wear pieces is of course the hip hop chains. It is customary for them to be made out of gold, silver of platinum. The reason being is that you can show off your money and these metals always looks good on anyone.

The chains are often very thick and long. This is a nice piece to add to your collection due to the fact that it can liven up your outfit and everyone who is close will be able to see and admire your new chain.

You can wear this chain around your neck or you can even get a nice bracelet that is still in the Hip Hop style. A nice thick bracelet will always look nice and make a statement of class and wealth.

Iced Out Chains:

Iced out Chains are pieces of jewelry that has diamonds added to the piece. There is often a few little diamonds imbedded in the metal to show off.

Shish has a gorgeous ice out hip hop chain! This chain is a small Miami Cuban style that is studded with some ‘ice’ to finish off the piece. This is one of my favorite pieces.

You can also get chains that are thick but are intertwined with another metal such as silver. The mixing of two different colored metals is in at the moment. You will show your street style but at the same time show that you are part of the fashion trends at the moment.